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By triathletes for triathletes.

Recovering From Ironman Texas And Nutrition’s Role
Your Ironman race is done and unless you are trying to set a world record, or a professional or have another Ironman coming up the chances are high that you will not be doing any sort of structured training for a minimum of 3 weeks.  You may go out and ride your bike to loosen [...]

Rev 3 Quassy Race Report
I’m always trying to fit one of the Rev 3 Triathlon series races into my schedule. Unfortunately and due to my personal commitment of qualifying to Kona, it’s quite hard to be able to race them in between scoring points at WTC races. The Rev 3 crew is always super nice and after a disappointing [...]

The Ironman SwimSmart Initiative
Last week’s announcement by Ironman and The World Triathlon Corporation of a new SwimSmart Initiative was met with quite a bit of favor both for and against.  For example one post on the triathlon forum website Slowtwitch.com, had already received 334 responses to the initial post as of this writing.  On the one hand you [...]

Getting Heat Acclimated for Your Next Race!
As it is race week for Ironman Texas, I thought it might be good to discuss heat acclimation and why you should try and do it for your next warm weather race. The projected forecast for The Woodlands, Texas this saturday for Ironman Texas is 89 degrees with a “real feel” of 91°.  For most [...]

Do You Define Your Diet Or Does Your Diet Define You?
Diet can come across as a bad word to many but does it have to be?  If you embrace how you eat then does it matter that somebody defines it as a particular diet?  I remember when I chose to live a plant-based lifestyle the questions were somewhat ridiculous.  They jumped right aboard the how [...]

Endurance Athletes Share The Same Goals!
The Boston Marathon Bombings happened.  They were real and affected our nation deeply.  The media coverage was global as was evidenced by the dozens of satellite news trucks that lined the streets of Boston for days following the event.  There were so many story lines that it played out like an in-depth murder mystery drama. [...]


2013 San Diego Elite Men Highlights

My Thoughts on The Boston Marathon – Josef Kurtz
I was standing at Mile 11 on the Boston Marathon route when I snapped this shot of friend and Boston Triathlon Team member Josef Kurtz ran by.  He shared his thoughts of what happened at Sunday’s Boston Marathon this morning on Facebook which I thought were right on with the way many people were feeling [...]


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